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While the vast majority of reviews on our website are for consumer loans for individuals, this time we have looked at a completely different kind of credit product. This business is a capital business loan for small businesses and is an interesting alternative to large bank loans. This loan has a credit line from CZK 50,000 to CZK 1,300,000 and its maturity can be set from 6 to 18 months.

Negotiating a loan is not complicated, it is done through a website where the applicant fills out a form. In it, he must provide information not only about himself but especially about his company; If a loan application is approved, the payment of money to the account should take place within two business days at the latest.

Harrison Czech, which is behind this business loan, is known mainly for its fast short-term loans. They already offer them in several variants, those interested can choose between a microloan (which is free for the first time), a Plus loan (up to CZK 25,000) or a flexible Loan Credit. Entrepreneurial Equity LoansHarrison Business extends the company’s offering with a new product that targets smaller businesses.

Investigate our online payday loans

The loan application process, required documents, and documents:

Online Payday Loan Applications as reports are submitted via the Internet, you will need some personal information. A credit counselor who, after sending the form, may ask you for some documents and documents, such as a photo of your person and one proof of identity, as well as the latest financial statements or the latest three bank account statements.

The exact procedure for completing a loan application corporate Business:

The loan application is filed at Harrison, so you must first open the website. You can access the electronic loan application form by clicking the orange Request Now button.

The form consists of several parts, first, you set how much you want to borrow (using the slider) and fill in the basic information – company mail address, mobile phone number and business name of the company. If you have a special code, be sure to include it as well.

In it you need to provide more detailed information about your company – the obligatory data again include the corporate mail address and business name of the company (you will already have pre-filled), but it is also necessary to fill in its registered office (street, city and postal code), bank number account number, your Company Identification Number (ID), and the legal form of the company, the business time (in years), the estimated monthly turnover of the company, the purpose of the loan, and the business in which you do business. Alternatively, you can include the address of your business website, you don’t have to click to agree to receive business offers, you can leave it unchecked

The next part of the form concerns your person – it is necessary to complete your first name, surname, home address (street, city, and postal code) and click on the consent to the privacy policy, but you do not have to click on the consent to process it for market research.

A loan from Harrison Business:

After submitting the loan application, the employees of Harrison will start processing it. Usually, the assessment of the application and its evaluation will take place within one working day, and the amount will then be released the next day. The money is paid by bank transfer to the client’s account, in most cases, the payment is made within two business days of completing the application.

Loan repayment from Harrison Business:

Equity Business LoanHarrison Business is repaid in a similar way to regular consumer loans, ie regular monthly installments, which the client sends to the credit company’s bank account at the agreed date. The loan can be repaid for a period of six to eighteen months, but if the client is interested in repaying the loan prematurely, he can do so at any time and no penalties threaten him – he pays only for the period for which he repaid the loan.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How high can credit be obtained from Harrison Business?

The minimum amount of this loan is CZK 50,000, while the maximum is currently set at CZK 1,300,000.

Is it possible to repay this loan prematurely, or is it necessary to keep the payment schedule?

The standard loan repayment period is from 6 to 18 months, but if you wish, you can repay the loan without any problems early – no fines or other penalties are charged for early repayment of the loan.

How high is his interest rate on this loan?

The exact interest rate for each client is determined individually depending on his credit rating – but on average it is 2.9% per month.

Are there any other fees associated with the loan?

Yes, the initial fee is 2.5%.

Can I get a loan when one of my business owners resides abroad?

Unfortunately, this is not the case – one of the main conditions of the loan is that all company owners must have their permanent residence in the Czech Republic. If any of these conditions are not met, the loan application cannot be approved.

I need money as soon as possible – how long does the average loan take?

It always depends on the specific situation, but employees of Harrison are trying to handle requests as quickly as possible so that clients do not have to wait long. In most cases, the application will be approved within one business day and the money will be credited to the bank account within two business days of the application being completed.

Will I need some collateral or a third party guarantee?

No, nothing like this is required for this loan – you don’t have to have any real estate, you don’t even need a guarantor. You only need to guarantee your loan personally.

Final evaluation

Entrepreneurial LoanHarrison Business is another extension of the offer of loans from Harrison, but this time it is a credit product purely for corporate clients. Among other things, the loan attracts the fact that no pledge or other guarantee is required to provide it, it will also please fair conditions, the absence of hidden fees or the easy handling of the request through the website. The praise certainly deserves the possibility of early repayment without any penalties and fairly quick payment of funds to the client’s account. Business is definitely an interesting and safe alternative for owners of small businesses who need to borrow money for their business.

Overall rating 70%